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TMI committed to supplying our customers with robust automotive components and reliable services through our international commercial and production network. Our Expanded Polypropylene and Expanded Polystyrene automotive components are manufactured to the strictest tolerances and meet the highest standards within the industry.


TMI produces professional solutions for international companies in the fields of aviation, space, automotive, medical and consultancy, with its service understanding in accordance with universal requirements and standards.

A single car has about 30,000 parts, counting every part down to the smallest screws.

There are three different types of car parts.

OEM car parts are manufactured and supplied for car assembly production lines.

Manufacturers also make replacement parts for vehicles already in the marketplace. These parts are bought by garages to repair vehicles. Most manufacturers continue to manufacture parts for many years after a vehicle is first released.

Aftermarket parts are not made by the original manufacturer. These are often cheaper than OEM parts, so are popular with consumers.


Powering the Future of Manufacturing


TMI always aims for the future with its advanced manufacturing technologies and production and assembly services in international applications.

TMI combines its experienced engineer staff, traditional production methods and its knowledge in the field of advanced technology with high-tech precision machinery.

TMI Tech Group uses high technology, advanced engineering and advanced techniques in all fields of application and service it provides.