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Tunnel Lighting Services

TMI prides itselve on being the very best when it comes to tunnel lighting services. TMI Tech Group expertly trained and highly experienced team are able to design, install and maintain lightning protection for the project. Good tunnel lighting allows users to enter, pass through and exit the enclosed section safely and comfortably. Tunnel road lighting must provide comfort and safety and maximise the visual performance of users. Tunnel lighting must allow vehicles to enter, pass through and exit the enclosed section safely without impeding the through-flow of traffic.

Each and every tunnel is different, and this is why our portfolio of lighting solutions for tunnels and underpasses offers maximum flexibility. What they all have in common: our experience from lots of tunnel projects that ensures maximum reliability and the utmost safety.

When it comes to safety, our tunnel lighting solutions set the highest standards. High lumen-output LEDs provide best visibility without glare. Absolutely homogeneous lighting prevents fatigue and creates maximum visual comfort in the tunnel.

Lighting a tunnel is a complex and specialised task. TMI has developed dedicated lighting systems and services to assist planners from concept to implementation, management and servicing.


Signa Systems

You can find detailed information about Signa Systems services implemented by TMI Tech Group in Lighting services in the brochures.

Some of our Lighting Projects

Yusufeli Tunnel

Kömürhan Tunnel

Salarha Tunnel

Kızılcahamam Çerkeş Tunnel

Göksun Tunnel




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