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TMI produces engineering solutions for medical companies and operates in the production and assembly of parts using advanced manufacturing technologies.

Medical manufacturing is the manufacturing of medical devices, instruments, and equipment used in healthcare. The main two areas of medical manufacturing are the manufacturing of medical devices and the technologies and processes used in medical manufacturing.

In medical device manufacturing, every moment counts: from R&D to the final production run. TMI committed to your success across the product development continuum from part manufacturing to assembly.


TMI produces professional solutions for international companies in the fields of aviation, space, automotive, medical and consultancy, with its service understanding in accordance with universal requirements and standards.

Manufacturing is a set of processes designed to create the final product. Depending on the medical device class, as we’ll explore below, different manufacturing processes will be employed, and different standards will apply.

Medical device manufacturing often requires specialist technologies, processes, and equipment. Examples include plastic welding, laser welding, and 3D printing of special polymers. An overarching quality management system (QMS) helps to govern all processes in medical device manufacturing, taking into account ISO standards, FDA guidance, Good Manufacturing Practices and local standards.


Powering the Future of Manufacturing


TMI always aims for the future with its advanced manufacturing technologies and production and assembly services in international applications.

TMI combines its experienced engineer staff, traditional production methods and its knowledge in the field of advanced technology with high-tech precision machinery.

TMI Tech Group uses high technology, advanced engineering and advanced techniques in all fields of application and service it provides.