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Machining Services

TMI Tech Group; carries out machining for every sector, especially in the aerospace, aerospace, defense, medical and automotive sectors. It produces the most ideal for your needs with its advanced cnc machines and cnc benches. TMI Tech Group uses high technology, advanced engineering and advanced techniques in all fields of application and service it provides.

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Machining is the process of removing material in the form of layers from the workpiece, using a tool and power to give a material the desired properties (surface, shape and size). The separated material layer is also called sawdust. In short, machining is the process of reaching the mold material in hand to the targeted shape with the help of cutting tools. After learning what machining is, let’s examine the advantages and disadvantages in detail.

Advantages of Machining

  • In machining processes, the material scale that can be processed is quite wide.
  • Thanks to the machining process, it is possible to obtain any pre-designed part of any shape and size.
  • Shapes designed in digital environments such as computer programs with millimetric calculations, ready-to-use solid objects with the desired correct dimensions and clean surfaces can be obtained by machining.